Every day profit-hungry criminals sell innocent adolescents into slavery for sex in the United States.

Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world and is a growing epidemic in the U.S. today… and the next victim could be a loved one.


Awareness and education are the strongest weapons we can fight these predators with! The problem is larger in scope and involves more factors than most can imagine. Through education and the Word of God, we expose the root problems, the resulting effects, and workable solutions.

Attend an educational workshop

This 1-day workshop answers our most common questions:

  • Why is prostitution, pornography, and commercialized sex of children an epidemic in America?
  • What makes young people vulnerable to traffickers?
  • Why do commercial sex workers do what they do?
  • Why don’t they just get out?
  • How can I recognize a pimp or trafficker?
  • What can I do as a Christian and a parent to make a difference and protect my children?

Deadly Love: Confronting the Sex Trafficking of Our Children is a Christ-based book will help you understand the world of sex trafficking, identify risk factors, and take practical steps to keep your families and friends safe from the criminals who stalk our neighborhoods.

100% of the profits from book sales support Freedom Calling

Check out this resource.

Foundations: Empowering Youth to Establish Healthy Sexuality & Relationships

The only effective restraint left for a teen against premarital sex and pornography is their belief and value system. The Church must be part of the solution. Using social and scientific research, and the Word of God, Foundations gives straightforward answers to hard issues teens struggle with:

  • What is God’s plan for sexual intimacy?
  • Is it possible in today’s culture to create a pure image?
  • What are the consequences of following the cultural lie?
  • How can I love someone else intimately God’s way?
  • What do girls really want, need, and desire? (For the guys)
  • What do guys want and think about? (For the girls)
  • What does a healthy pure relationship look like?
  • How do I deal with pornography since it’s everywhere?
  • What if I’ve already gone too far?

We are inviting youth to go on an adventure—to grow in their faith, sexuality, and relationships in different ways!