Adolescents today live in a more dangerous, sexualized, oppressive, and media-saturated world. The only effective restraint left for a teen against premarital sex and pornography is their beliefs and value systems. Empowering youth to establish healthy sexuality and relationships is what today’s parents and youth leaders have been called to. This is not another “abstinence” study guide. Yes, abstinence is the smart way to go, and this author discusses the benefits of waiting. All-important sensitive sexual topics also need to be addressed because of the state of our sexually dysfunctional culture. Using social and scientific research, and the Word of God, Foundations gives straightforward answers to the hard issues and questions teens struggle with:

  • What is God’s plan for sexual intimacy?
  • What are the consequences of following the cultural sexual lie?
  • How can I love someone else intimately God’s way?
  • How do I deal with pornography since it’s everywhere?
  • How can I protect myself against sexual predators like pimps?
  • What does a healthy pure relationship look like?
  • What do girls really want, need, and desire? (For the guys)
  • What do guys want and think about? (For the girls)
  • Is it possible in today’s culture to create a pure image?
  • What if I’ve already gone too far?

Life changes take place when we define purity as God does. Author Kimberly Davidson is inviting youth leaders to guide their students on an adventure in this 2-part study—to grow in their faith, sexuality, and relationships in different ways.

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