Our Solution

We are called to be the hands, feet and heart of God as we assist the oppressed in finding freedom in Christ.

Awareness and Prevention programs designed to:

  • Help people become aware of the issue of sexual explotation in Oregon
  • Prevent youth and children from becoming victims of sex trafficking through teaching the staggering effects of social media
  • Unveiling the prevalence of pornography in the Church and equipping local churches to prevent the destruction that pornography incurs

Education programs designed to:

  • Help adolescent boys become godly men
  • Help adolescent girls to be holy and set apart
  • Help adults understand human sex trafficking and equip them to help eliminate this form of slavery
  • Help teenagers grasp healthy relationships

Restoration programs designed to:

  • Provide resources for restoration for any male addicted to pornography
  • Connect victims of sex trafficking with safe places and safe conversations for healing