Teaching Curriculum

Adult Education: Workshops

Part One: Modern Day Slavery: In Our Neighborhoods

  1. The Dirty Truth
  2. Dispelling the Myths
  3. The Power of Porn
  4. It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way!
  5. Too Young to Be a Victim
  6. The Nefarious Con Artist

 Part Two: Why They Do What They Do: The Power of Our Beliefs

  1. Pre-programmed through Life Events
  2. Stolen Lives
  3. Be Trauma Informed
  4. The Body Keeps Score
  5. Exploring the Brain

 Part Three: Taking Back our Streets: Responding to the Stink of Sex Trafficking

  1. God’s Response
  2. Parents and Youth Leaders Response
  3. Our Response and the Church’s Response

Part Four: New Beginnings: Reclaiming a Stolen Life

  1. How Can I Give You Up?
  2. Breaking Free of Sexual Sin
  3. It’s All About Love

Foundations: Youth Teaching Curriculum

The Foundations Program

Preparing the Leaders (For Parents Too)

Pre-Foundations Study: Experiencing God the Father

 Study One: Pathways to Healthy Sexuality                              

  1. God’s Plan for Sexual Intimacy
  2. The Culture’s View of Sex and Marriage
  3. The Bible’s View of Sex, Marriage & Singleness
  4. The Damaged Gift
  5. The Pornography Trap
  6. Sex Traffickers in Sheep’s Clothing

Study Two: Love and Healthy Relationships               

  1. Loving God
  2. Loving Myself Biblically
  3. Boundaries in Dating
  4. Loving the Opposite Sex
  5. Establishing Healthy Relationships
  6. A Guy’s View || A Girl’s View
  7. Creating a Pure Image